Identification of bitter gourd genotypes with field tolerance to viral diseases

A.C. Asna, Jiji Joseph, P. Sainamole Kurien, K. Joseph John


Diseases caused by viruses are a major problem in bitter gourd throughout India, causing considerable yield loss. Use of host plant resistance is the cheapest and effective disease management strategy. In the present investigation 50 genotypes of Momordica charantia var. muricata along with 3 susceptible check varieties viz., Preethi, Priyanka and Pusa purvi were screened against viral infections under natural epiphytotic conditions during the years 2016 and 2017. Both per cent disease severity (PDS) and area under disease progress curve (AUDPC) were calculated to assess and categorize the disease resistance in bitter gourd. They showed varying degrees of response against viral infection when categorized on 0-5 scale. Among 53 accessions evaluated, five were found resistant, nine moderately resistant, 25 moderately susceptible, 11 susceptible and two highly susceptible. None of the genotypes recorded immune response. The resistant genotypes can be utilized in breeding programme to evolve resistant varieties.


resistance breeding

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