Performance of coconut in India: A trend analysis

V.P. Preethi, K. Jesy Thomas, Anil Kuruvila


Coconut farming plays a vital role in the agrarian economy of Kerala besides its unique place in the sociocultural fabric of the region. It has an imperative role in terms of cropping area as well as in generating significant share in the agricultural income of the state. In this context this article tries to understand the importance of coconut in the plantation economy of Kerala by looking into the relative importance of coconut in terms of area, production and productivity trends at national and state level from 1980 to 2015. In India, area, production and productivity of coconut showed an increasing trend. As compared to Indian scenario, there was no continuous increasing trend observed in the case of area and production of coconut in Kerala. However, the productivity showed an increasing trend during the same period. The compound growth rate in area, production and productivity of coconut in India as well as in Kerala during the above period was also estimated.


Coconut, Area, production, productivity, compound growth rate, Kerala, India, Cocos nucifera L

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