Growth, nutrient uptake, yield and quality parameters of Nendran banana (Musa sp.) as influenced by combined application of soil and foliar nutrition

Growth, nutrient uptake, yield and quality parameters of Nendran banana (Musa sp.) as influenced by combined application of soil and foliar nutrition


  • E.K. Bashma College of Agriculture,Kerala Agricultural University, Vellayani -695 522, Kerala, India.
  • B. Sudha IFSRS Kerala Agricultural University, Karamana - 695 002, Kerala, India.
  • T. Sajitharani College of Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University,Vellayani-695 522, Kerala, India.
  • N.V. Radhakrishnan Coconut Research Station, Kerala Agricultural University, Balaramapuram -695 501, Kerala, India


Crop nutrition


A field experiment was conducted at Coconut Research Station, Balaramapuram Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Agricultural University during 2016 April to 2017 February to assess the impact of reduced dose of chemical fertilizers supplemented with foliar nutrition of major and micro nutrients on the uptake of major nutrients, growth, yield and quality of Nendran banana (Musa AAB group). The experiment was laid out in randomised block design with eight treatments and three replications. Growth parameters (pseudostem height, pseudostem girth and leaf area), uptake of major nutrients , yield attributes ( index /D finger characters viz., length, girth and weight of finger ) and yield were found higher for the treatment which received 100 per cent of the recommended dose of fertilizers (RDF) + foliar spray of micronutrient mixture (1%) at 3 MAP and was comparable with 75 per cent of RDF + foliar spray of 19:19:19 fertilizer mixture (0.5%) at 2 and 4MAP + foliar spray of micronutrient mixture (1%) at 3 MAP. These two treatments also registered higher content of total sugars and longer shelf lives. The treatment which received 100 per cent of RDF + foliar spray of micronutrient mixture (1%) at 3 MAP could register significantly higher TSS (34.67 0 B), TSS/Acid ratio (114.92), pulp: peel ratio (2.58) and lower titratable acidity (0.31 per cent). Growth, yield, nutrient uptake and quality parameters were found significantly inferior for the treatment which received only foliar application of 19:19:19 mixture (0.5%) at monthly intervals in addition to the recommended basal dose of organic manures.



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