Fertigation - the key component of precision farming

P. Sureshkumar, P Geetha, M.C. Narayanan Kutty, C. Narayanan Kutty, T. Pradeepkumar


The importance of fertigation in increasing productivity with efficient and reduced consumption of water and nutrients with practically no pollution is emphasized. The concept of fertigation, including the concepts of wetted soil volume and the resultant root volume and their optimization are discussed. The necessity, principles, chemistry and interactive effects,advantages and limitations of fertigation are explained. The precautions to be taken are also enlisted. The response of different crops to fertigation in terms of yield, use efficiency of water and nutrients etc. are reviewed hereunder.


Effective forage space, Fertigation, Fertilizer compatibility, Fertilizer-irrigation water efficency Nutrient and water use, Precision farming, Root volume

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