Performance evaluation of onion (Allium cepa L.) varieties in tropical plains of Thrissur district, Kerala

Jalaja S. Menon, P. Prameela, Lakshmy K. Mohan, Ranjan S. Karippai


A screening trial to identify the suitable onion varieties for the plains of Thrissur district was carried out in Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Thrissur,India during 2014-15 with 20 high yielding varieties and the biometric and yield parameters were analyzed. Though there were not much significant differences in the performance of the varieties, the study revealed that onion can also be a good and viable option that can be grown in the homesteads in the plains of the district in the winter season. Based on the study, the onion varieties Bhima Sakthi, Agri Found Light Red, Agri Found White, Arka Kalyan, Bhima Super, and Agri Found Dark Red can be recommended for the plains of Thrissur distrct, Kerala state. The results presented based on analysis of data reflects that all varieties tried were appreciable in the field conditions except Bhima Raj in terms of marketable bulb yield and percentage of productive bulbs. Except three of the varieties tried, all can be subjected to further investigations on crop management practices to realize the potential yield.


Bulb yield, Marketable bulb yield, Onion, Varietal screening.

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