Evaluation of aromatic rice varieties in Wayanad, Kerala

Susamma P. George, Dijee Bastian, N.V. Radhakrishan, K.C. Aipe


Three field experiments in randomized complete block design were conducted at Ambalavayal during 1996 to 1998 kharif to evaluate the performance of 12 aromatic rice varieties/cultivars. Pooled analysis of the yield data indicates that ‘Pusa Basmati- 1’ had the highest grain yield of 2777 kg ha-1. But it was statistically at par with that of ‘Jeerakasala’ (2743 kg ha–1) and IET- 12606 (2610 kg ha-1), implying the suitability of these three varieties for cultivation in Wayanad district. Regarding grain quality attributes, both ‘Pusa Basmati-1’ and IET-12606 are long-slender ‘scented’ varieties, whereas ‘Jeerakasala’ is a short-bold ‘lightly scented’ type.


High ranges; basmati; scented rice

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