Aboveground biomass production and nutrient uptake of thorny bamboo [Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss] in the homegardens of Thrissur, Kerala

B.M. Kumar, G. Rajesh, K.G. Sudheesh


To estimate the aboveground biomass stock and nutrient uptake of Bambusa bambos, nine hedgerow-raised (20 year-old) clumps were destructively sampled. Aboveground biomass of bamboo clumps averaged 2417 kg per clump with an average per ha accumulation of 241.7 Mg ha-1. Highest biomass accumulation was observed in the live culms (82%), followed by thorns+foliage (13%); dead culms accounted for only ~5% of the biomass accumulation. Allometric relationships linking clump biomass and culm number with clump diameter were developed. Nutrient export through harvest (NPK) varied among the tissue types with the highest in live culms, followed by leaves+twigs and dead culms. Average N, P and K removals were 9.22, 1.22 and 14.4 kg per clump respectively. Litter accumulation on the forest floor averaged 909 g m-2 accounting for 48.15, 3.67 and 42.98 of N, P and K g m-2 respectively.


Hedgerows; litter accumulation; nutrient export; rural bamboo

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