Development of dual purpose cowpea culture (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) with high grain yield

Ashni Varghese, Jiji Joseph, Sarath P.S, Sunil R., Deepu Mathew, Biju S, Sindhumole P


Yield improvement is the major breeding objective in cowpea. In the present study, F3 derived populations (23 selected F3 plants) of two cowpea crosses, namely, H10 (Anaswara x PKB3) and H11 (Anaswara x PKB4), were evaluated along with check parent Anaswara for yield and protein content and pedigree selection was imposed to select superior transgressive segregants. After screening F4, F5 and F6 generations of the two crosses, five lines (of which four from cross H11 and one from cross H10) were selected which were found superior to parent Anaswara in grain yield. Moreover, tender green pods had good organoleptic value, suggesting the utility as dual-purpose type. Comparison of mean showed that these plants outclassed the parental performance. Superior culture identified here can be further evaluated in replicated yield trials and tested for stability over locations and seasons.


segregants cowpea, grain yield, selection

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