Evaluation of cocoa varieties for shoot induction under in vitro condition

S. Sreelekshmi, B. Suma, J.S. Minimol, L. Joseph


In vitro propagation in cocoa is a potential tool for the rapid multiplication of true to type plants. Single noded cuttings of 2-3 cm collected from the budded plants maintained in polyhouse were used as explants. The experiment was done in five varieties: CCRP 2, CCRP 6, CCRP 8, CCRP 15 and Scavina. The best surface sterilization of explants was achieved using Mancozeb 0.2 per cent for 30 minutes followed by Cefotxim 0.1% for 10 minutes and then ethyl alcohol 70 per cent for 3 minutes and mercuric chloride 0.1 per cent for 5 minutes. Axillary bud sprouting was induced in basal Woody Plant Media (WPM) fortified with 2- isopentinyl adenine (2ip) and Indole-3-Acetic Acid (IAA). The period of single shoot induction from leaf axils was lowest (8.41) in variety CCRP 15 in media WPM+2ip 1ppm+IAA 0.02ppm. Among the varieties, highest multiple shoot induction percentage (93.75%) was recorded in variety Scavina.


Cocoa, Indole Acetic Acid, in vitro, propagation, Woody Plant Medium, 2-Isopentanyl Adenine.

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