Development of fortified banana pseudostem juice powder utilizing spray drying technology

S. Saranya, K.P. Sudheer


Spray drying technology was optimized for the preparation of milk fortified banana pseudostem juice powder, overcoming the problems of browning and astringent taste. The taste and nutritional value of the powder was increased by blending it with milk, horse gram extract and cardamom powder. Spray drying parameters like inlet air temperatures of 185, 190 and 200° C, constant blower speed and feed speed of 1800 and 15 rpm were selected for the development of milk fortified banana pseudostem juice powder. Functional properties of final powder were analysed for assessing the quality characteristics. Moisture content, water activity, bulk density, colour characteristics and solubility of the powder were assessed by standard procedures. The treatment with 30% horse gram extract, 50% milk and 20% pseudostem juice exhibited appreciable quality enhancement during product analysis. During sensory analysis, the above treatment scored the best. Mineral profile analysis of standardised sample also revealed nutritive value of the trial product.


Banana pseudostem juice, Fortification, Functional properties, Horse gram, Milk, Spray drying

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