Hydroponic cultivation of tomatoes - An attempt for Kerala conditions

T. Reshma, Salikutty Joseph


The tomato variety Anagha was raised in Deep Flow Technique and Ebb and Flow Technique (flood and drain system) at Department of  Olericulture, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara to evaluate the performance of crops under hydroponics and the same was compared with crops raised in soil (control). The ideal growing media (coco peat, expanded clay pellets and pebbles) on crop growth, yield and fruit quality was also studied in the present investigation. The results revealed that the performance of control plants were superior to hydroponic plants. Out of the two hydroponic methods, Ebb and Flow Technique showed better vegetative growth and yield per plant whereas Deep Flow Technique exhibited efficient utilization of vertical space, higher planting density and higher yield per unit area. Out of the three growing media plants grown in coco peat medium performed the best, followed by those in pebbles. Performance of plants grown in expanded clay pellets was very poor. Fruit quality in terms of total soluble solid content and titrable acidity was not significantly affected by the hydroponic treatments. 


Coco peat, Deep Flow Technique, Ebb and Flow Technique, Expanded clay pellets, Hydroponics, Tomato

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