Seed source and size variation influences the germination and seedling growth of Strychnos nux-vomica

G. Shine, K. Sudhakara, C.M. Jijeesh


The present study focuses on seed source and size variation on germination and seedling performance of Strychnos nuxvomica. The Strychnos fruits were collected from dry and moist deciduous and riparian forests of Kerala and the seeds were extracted and graded into 18-21, 21 -24, 24-27 and 27-30 mm classes and their dimensions and germination were assessed. At six months after planting, the growth and biomass production of the seedlings belonging to respective seed sources and size classes were determined. The study revealed that the seed characters differed significantly due to seed source and size and those from moist deciduous and riparian forests, recorded higher dimensions. Seed source and size significantly influenced the germination parameters also and seeds from dry deciduous and riparian forests recorded higher germination parameters than moist deciduous forest, and the larger seeds recorded higher germination parameters than smaller ones. The height and collar diameter of seedlings varied due to seed source and size, but biomass production did not vary statistically.


Germination energy, Germination value, Vigour index, Biomass production

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