Survey, evaluation and identification of black pepper cultivars

S. Prasannakumari Amma, E.V. Nybe, V.S. Sujatha, P.V. Prabhakaran


A survey was conducted in the traditional pepper growing tracts of Thodupuzha and Meenachil taluks of Kerala during 1995. Thirty holdings per each taluk were selected. The pepper cultivars grown in these selected homesteads were evaluated for yield and yield contributing characters for the two years. Results showed that in Thodupuzha taluk, Neelamundi, Kaniyakkadan and Mundi performed best. In Meenachil taluk, Karimunda was the best during the first year. However, during 1997, Jeerakamunda was the highest yielder. Karimunda, the most popular cultivar in these areas recorded relatively poor performance


Cultivars; evaluation; identification; Piper nigrum; survey

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