Juvenomimetic activity of extracts of Thevetia neriifolia Juss. to Dysdercus cingulatus F. (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoreidae)

Hebsy Bai, George Koshy


Ethanol extracts of fresh leaves and seeds of Thevetia neriifolia were tested for juvenomimetic action on red cotton bug, Dsydercus cingulatus, an important pest of cotton and okra. Conspicuous activity, based on larval mortality, duration of ovipositional period, emergence of malformed adults and reduced fecundity of the bugs, were noticed in 40% leaf and 10% seed extracts. Although moderate activity was seen in 20% leaf and 5% seed extracts, no significant effect was observed for the 10% leaf and 2.5% seed extract treatments.


Botanical pesticides; red cotton bug; ecological pest management

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A KAU publication [CODEN: JTAGEI; ISSN 0971-636X; eISSN 0973-5399]