Trends in insecticide usage among bitter gourd farmers of central Kerala: An investigative study

Trends in insecticide usage among bitter gourd farmers of central Kerala: An investigative study


  • Vineetha Venugopal Ms. Vineetha Venugopal, 2018-21-038 ( PhD Scholar, Dept. Agricultural Entomology) (2023)
  • Mani Chellappan
  • Berin Pathrose


Survey, Cucurbit farmers, Insecticide use pattern, Mostly used insecticides


The wide usage of insecticides by farmers in Kerala to improve the quality and production of crops hasbecome a prevailing practice. The urgency to safeguard their crops from detrimental infestations has drivenfarmers to rely heavily on these chemical interventions. The findings of a survey conducted among 120farmers from four districts of central Kerala to know the insecticide usage pattern and the preferredinsecticides of bitter gourd farmers revealed a significant reliance on insecticides, and farmers often resortto the liberal application of insecticides to safeguard their crops and ensure high yields. The results indicatedthat the farmers relied heavily on insecticides to control the insect pests of cucurbits. Farmers undertook anaverage of 5.00-7.00 sprays per crop season at intervals between12.00 and15.00 days, with the least intervalbeing in Palakkad and Thrissur districts. Farmers in Ernakulam district carried out the least number ofsprays. Also the results underscore the urgent need for interventions to promote sustainable and responsibleinsecticide use by implementing educational initiatives, disseminating information on alternative pestmanagement strategies, and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. The most preferred insecticidesamong the bitter gourd farmers were chlorantraniliprole, thiamethoxam, malathion, flubendiamide, anddimethoate.

Author Biographies

Mani Chellappan

College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara, Thrissur 680 656

Berin Pathrose

College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara, Thrissur 680 656


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Venugopal, V., Chellappan, M., & Pathrose, B. (2024). Trends in insecticide usage among bitter gourd farmers of central Kerala: An investigative study. Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 61(2), 181–188. Retrieved from




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