Drought response of biotic-stress tolerant accessions of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)

Drought response of biotic-stress tolerant accessions of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)


  • Prakash KM Indian Institute of Spices Research
  • Jiji Joseph Kerala Agricultural University
  • Santhoshkumar AV Kerala Agricultural University
  • Saji KV Indian Institute of Spices Research
  • Neeraja Puthiamadom Kerala Agricultural University
  • Arjun Ramachandran Kerala Agricultural University


Abiotic stress, Black pepper, Drought stress, Stress physiology, Stress tolerance


Abstract Tandem selected 20 superior accessions of black pepper having better yield and biotic stress tolerance wereevaluated for drought response along with drought tolerant black pepper variety, Panniyur-5 under controlledcondition. Physiological responses of accessions were evaluated under 5 and 10 days of drought induction.Accessions did not differ for physiological parameters under field capacity without stress. All the physiologicalparameters except leaf temperature got reduced continuously at fifth and tenth days of drought induction.More than 50 per cent reduction was observed for mean value for photosynthesis, stomatal conductance,chlorophyll content and chlorophyll stability index after 10 days of drought induction. The accessions IC598869 and IC 598890 ranked better than the drought tolerant variety P5, can be tested further for yield andother attributes to release as a variety.

Author Biographies

Prakash KM, Indian Institute of Spices Research

Subject specialist

Jiji Joseph, Kerala Agricultural University

Professor Plant breeding and Genetics

Santhoshkumar AV, Kerala Agricultural University

Professor Forest biology and tree breeding

Saji KV, Indian Institute of Spices Research

Principal scientist Crop Improvement

Neeraja Puthiamadom, Kerala Agricultural University

Post Doctoral fellow


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