Cassiavera development strategy in the Kerinci Regency

Cassiavera development strategy in the Kerinci Regency


  • Endy Effran University of Jambi, Jambi - Ma. Bulian street Km.15 Mendalo Indah Muaro Jambi District, province of Jambi. Indonesia
  • Suandi


Keywords, Cassiavera Farm, Development Strategy, SWOT Analysis


Abstract The present study aim to identify alternative strategy that can be applied in developing cassiavera farming inKerinci Regency, Jambi Province, Indonesia. Research materials was sourced from primary and secondarydata. Data collection techniques include observation, in-person interviews, and in-depth interviews. Thestudy covers areas that have the potential for Cassiavera plantations in the administrative area of the KerinciRegency where the sub-districts of Batang Merangin, Gunung Raya, and Kayu Aro were chosen as theresearch locations as these are centres of cassiavera production in Kerinci Regency. Data analyses wasfollowed in a descriptive method and SWOT analyses. The results showed that the development of cassiaverain Kerinci Regency uses the expandstrategy which is a combination of strength and opportunity factors,with alternative approaches that can be applied, namely maintaining the quality of cassiavera retaining theglobal advantage of Indonesia in the export of the commodity.The Kerinci Regency Government is alsoexpected to focus on developing cassiavera plantation crops considering that it has very good prospects,through support the policies by programs and helping for area expansion, productivity improvement, andquality improvement.  

Author Biography


 Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Jambi, Indonesia


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