Effect of organic manures and biofertilizers on growth and yield attributes of papaya (Carica papaya L.)

Divya Hari, Bindu B.


An experiment was carried out at College of Agriculture, Vellayani, Kerala Agricultural University to study the effect of organic manures and biofertilizers on growth, yield and quality parameters of papaya with 11 treatments replicated thrice in randomised block design. Different doses of organic manures and bio fertilizers were applied to the plant on nitrogen equivalent basis. The study revealed that application of 100 per cent recommended dose of N in organic form along with AMF and PGPR Mix-1 significantly increased the fruit weight, fruit girth, fruit length, fruit volume, pulp percentage, flesh thickness of the fruit, and total yield of the plant compared to other organic treatments and 100 per cent RDF (240: 240: 480 g NPK plant-1 year-1 + FYM 10kg plant) increased the number of fruits per plant.


AMF, PGPR MIX-1, biofertilizers

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