Evaluation of China aster (Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees.) genotypes in tropical plains of Kerala

Alfin Santhosh, T. V. Anupama, U. Sreelatha, J. S. Minimol, Mini Sankar


An investigation was conducted at the Department of Floriculture and Landscaping, College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara to evaluate the performance of China aster genotypes in tropical plains of Kerala. Ten genotypes of China aster viz., Arka Kamini, Arka Shashank, Arka Archana, Phule Ganesh White, Phule Ganesh Violet, Phule Ganesh Pink, Phule Ganesh Purple, AAC-1, Local Pink and Mat White were evaluated for vegetative, floral and post harvest characters. The greatest plant height (68.86 cm), number of primary branches (14.25), number of leaves (56.48), stem girth (11.09 cm) and plant spread (50.08 cm) were recorded in the variety Phule Ganesh Pink. Leaf area was highest in variety Phule Ganesh White (34.31 cm2). Number of flowers per plant was the highest in variety Arka Shashank (20.20), while Arka Archana (18.47), Local Pink (18.47), Phule Ganesh Pink (17.73), Phule Ganesh White (16.93) and Arka Kamini (16.27) were on par. Flower stalk length was highest in variety Phule Ganesh Pink (21.39 cm), which was on par with Phule Ganesh Purple (20.61 cm), Phule Ganesh Violet (19.73 cm), AAC-1 (18.27 cm) and Phule Ganesh White (17.73 cm). Flower yield was highest in variety Phule Ganesh Pink (55.99 g). Duration of flowering was the longest in variety Local Pink (62.40 DAP) and was on par with variety Phule Ganesh Pink (60.60 DAP). Shelf life (3.67 days) and vase life (13.93 days) were the highest in variety Phule Ganesh Pink. The study revealed that Phule Ganesh Pink was best suited for cultivation in Kerala, both as cut flower and loose flower. The varieties Local Pink and Phule Ganesh White were also found promising for the tropical plains of Kerala.


China aster,Asteraceae, genotype, tropical plains, cut flower, loose flower

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