Quality of coirdust composts and their effect on the drymatter yield of maize

P. Surya Rao, L. Suseela Devi, Amlan Datta


Composting of coirdust was done with various organic and inorganic additives in various combinations. Coirdust, which had high C:N ratio (93.77) and L:N ratio (106.0) could be convened to good quality composts with 21.91 to 34.07 C:N ratio and 18.78 to 25.49 L:N ratio. The organic carbon, lignin, cellulose and total phenol content decreased while contents of major, minor and micronutrients increased upon composting of coirdust in all the compost treatments. Coirdust compost charged with garden weeds, gliricidia, rock phosphate and micronutrients along with 50% recommended fertilizer dosage recorded significantly higher drymatter yield over recommended practice. Hence, this super quality compost could be used as an effective component in integrated nutrient management.


coirdust; compost; C:N ratio; L:N ratio

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