Evaluation of African marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) genotypes for yield and resistance to bacterial wilt pathogen, Ralstonia solanacearum

C. Umesh, U. Sreelatha, Sainamole P. Kurian, C. Narayanankutty


Eight African marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) genotypes (5 F1 hybrids, 2 varieties and 1 local collection) were evaluated for yield and resistance to bacterial wilt during June to September 2016 in a bacterial wilt sick plot at Agricultural Research Station, Mannuthy. F1 hybrids evaluated were Maria 91, Rupa, Sakura 031, Royal Orange and P-4. Along with the F1 hybrids, two varieties from IIHR viz., Arka Agni and Arka Bangara 2, and one local collection, M-1, were also included in the study. The genotypes showed wide variation with respect to plant characters, floral characters, yield and yield attributes as well as bacterial wilt incidence.The genotype‘P-4’ was found promising with good plant characters, high yield (1.036 kg/plant), and large sized flowers but was moderately susceptible to bacterial wilt. The local collection ‘M-1’ was found completely resistant to bacterial wilt but had low yield (0.234 kg/plant) and poor quality flowers, while the F1hybrid ‘Sakura 031’ was found highly susceptible with 100 per cent wilt incidence.


African marigold, Bacterial wilt, Marigold genotypes, Tagetes erecta, Ralstonia solanacearum

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