Evaluation of softwood grafting in jack fruit types

Ashok Madala, A. Rajagopalan, K.N. Satheeshan, A.V. Meera Manjusha, N. Raji Vasudevan


An experiment was conducted at the College of Agriculture, Padannakkad, Kasaragod district, Kerala during 2017-18, to study the efficacy of softwood grafting in promising jack fruit types. Out of the five types, Gumless resulted in the early emergence of grafts (28.67 days) along with highest percentage of sprouting (46.90). Maximum survival percentage (75.00 per cent) and more number of leaves (8.33) were observed in Cluster type while Early bearing Varikka resulted in maximum shoot length (8.37 cm).


Jackfruit types, vegetative propagation, softwood grafting

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Radha, T. and Aravindakshan, K. 2000. Differential response of mango varieties to epicotyl grafting on commercial scale. Acta Hort. 509: 265-268.


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