Performance of common onion varieties in kharif seasons

B.K. Mohanty, A.M. Prusti


Behaviour of 12 varieties of onion was studied during kharif season over two years. The pooled analysis revealed that Arka Niketan, Punjab Red Round, Nasik Red, N 2-4-1, Agrifound Light Red and Arka Pitamber produced small to medium bulb with thinner neck assuring better storage quality. Arka Kalyan recorded the highest yield (21.06 t ha"1) which was at par with Arka Niketan (19.64 t ha"1) and Pusa Madhavi (18.96 t ha"'), while Agrifound Dark Red and N 53 displayed moderately high yield of 18.06 and 17.85 t ha"1 respectively. Rabi varieties if grown in kharif season could confer equally good bulb yield as that of kharif varieties. Arka Niketan and Pusa Madhavi with medium bulb, better storage quality and high yield are advocated for commercial cultivation in kharif season.


Allium cepa var. cepa; bulb yield; common onion; kharif crop; varietal response

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