Effect of growing conditions on growth and herbage yield of coriander

Surya Raj, P. Anitha


A study was conducted in the plains of Kerala to investigate the performance of coriander varieties for herbage yield and quality in the open and rain shelter conditions. The study revealed that significantly higher number of days for germination, number of leaves, herbage and biomass yield, plant height and days to leaf serration was observed in plants grown in the rain shelter compared to the open field. Among the varieties, Arka Isha recorded the highest mean values for number of leaves, herbage and biomass yield and delayed leaf serration. There was a significantly higher vitamin C content (mg 100g-1) in plants grown in open field (189.72) compared to rain shelter (124.55). The volatile oil ranging from 0.05-0.06% was recorded in both the growing conditions and were on par. Total chlorophyll content was more in the open field (1.98) than in rain shelter (1.92). Among the varieties, total chlorophyll content was more in CO (Cr- 4) (2.33).


Biomass yield, Coriander, Herbage yield, Quality, Plant height,

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