Population dynamics and efficiency of coconut water based liquid formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens AMB-8

K. N. Anith, A. S. Vaishakhi, Aswathy Viswanathan, Shilpa Varkey, S. Aswini


Liquid bio-formulations are more acceptable than solid bioformulations as they have improved shelf life and better field performance. Among the limited choice of naturally available liquid carriers, coconut water stands out as an efficient one. The population dynamics of Pseudomonas fluorescens AMB-8 in a coconut water based liquid formulation along with nutrient broth (NB) and King’s B broth (KB) in the presence of different preservatives, and their effect on the seedling growth of chilli and tomato were studied. It was observed that the rate of decline in population was less in coconut water amended with PVP (2% w/v) and glycerol (2% v/v) during six months of storage. Even in the raw autoclaved coconut water. (ACW), the maintenance of the population of the bacterial strain was significantly higher than in all the synthetic media except nutrient broth amended with glycerol (2% v/v). In the plant growth promotion experiments, all biometric parameters had higher values when freshly grown bacterial strain in KB with population density of 109cfu ml-1 was used for seed bacterization. High bacterial population density in the formulations had a positive effect on the chilli and tomato seedlings. The results of our study showed that a liquid formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens AMB-8 could easily be made from an agricultural waste product, coconut water.


Coconut water, Liquid formulation, Plant growth promotion, Pseudomonas fluorescens

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