Fodder quality in fodder maize-legume intercropping systems

K. Prasanthi, B. Venkateswaralu


A field experiment was carried out during kharif 2011 to study the effect of different planting patterns in fodder maize legumes intercropping systems on fodder quality as compared to sole cropping. Total dry matter production was higher in plots of maize in pairs plus cowpea followed by maize in pairs plus cluster beans. The treatment combination involving maize in pairs + cowpea produced the highest crude protein and chlorophyll contents (7.81% and 2.98 mg g-1) and the lowest values (6.38% and 2.2 mg g-1) were recorded in sole maize. Higher crude fibre content was observed in sole crop of fodder maize as compared to the different intercropping systems.


Paired row planting, Cowpea, Cluster bean, Crude Protein, Crude Fibre

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