Evaluation of thermosensitive genic male sterile lines in rice suitable to Kerala through marker assisted selection

V.J. Niya Celine, Roy Stephen, R.V. Manju, R. Shabana


An investigation was carried out at College of Agriculture, Vellayani, Trivandrum, Kerala, India to identify a suitable thermosensitive male sterile line for Kerala to be used as a donor parent to transfer the TGMS trait to popular varieties of Kerala. Two TGMS lines introduced from IRRI namely EC 720903 and EC 720904 were evaluated along with Uma and Jyothi, two popular male fertile rice varieties of Kerala at monthly intervals from January 2012 to December 2013. The male sterile lines showed 100% male sterility during April- May, September - October and January- March months indicating the suitability of the lines as donors of male sterility. Male sterile and fertile lines differed morphologically. TGMS and non TGMS lines differed at molecular level for TGMS gene specific marker RM 3351. The study proves the potential of the TGMS lines to be used as donor parent to transfer male sterility to popular varieties of Kerala by marker assisted back cross breeding



Hybrid rice, Molecular marker, SSR primer, Thermosensitive Genic Male Sterility

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