Phenotypic variability of Manila hemp (Musa textilis L. Nee) genotypes in southern Mindanao Island, Philippines

Florence Lasalita Zapico, Catherine Macorol Aguilar, Januar Aujero


In situ morphological characterization using 25 qualitative and six quantitative morphological traits was carried out to determine the phenotypic variability of 110 Manila hemp (abaca) varieties in Southern Mindanao, Philippines. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) revealed the divergence of varieties Wago/Lyl2-dv and the MDG1-tb/MDG2-tb/Lud2-tb groups and the morphological homogeneity of the rest of the abaca genotypes. Pseudostem and leaf characters were identified as chief discriminatory characters in assigning abaca varieties into distinct functional groups. Despite the uncertainties relating to environmental factors, morphological grouping of abaca may provide a useful tool for genetic improvement of this crop.


Morphological characterization, Phenotypic variability

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