Microbial pectinase from tropical fruit wastes

M. Venkatesh, P.B. Pushpalatha, K.B. Sheela, D. Girija


Possibility of producing pectinase utilizing fruit wastes of cashew, banana, pineapple, and grape under controlled fermentation with Aspergillus foetidus was studied. Among the different media composition tried, medium containing 5 g fruit waste + 0.05 g urea + 0.25 g ammonium sulphate supported better growth of the microorganism. Enzyme production was maximum in the medium with grape waste. As extractant of the enzyme, distilled water was better than CaCl2. The ideal temperature and duration of fermentation were 40oC and 8 days respectively.


Aspergillus foetidus; Fruit waste utilization; Pectin esterase activity; Solid state fermentation.

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