Aboveground biomass and bamboo shoot nutrients of high altitude bamboos (Fargesia yunnanensis Hsueh et Yi) from different sites in Yunnan province, China

Shuguang Wang, Pu Xiaolan, Ding Yulong, Wan Xianchong


Aboveground biomass production and the crude fat, total sugar, protein, ash, and tannin contents of three geographic provenances of Yunnan Jianzhu bamboo (Fargesia yunnanensis) were evaluated. Results showed variations in biomass production and nutritive values. Average aboveground culm biomass was highest for the Jizhushan provenance (7.88 kg per culm), presumably because of the higher total N (39.06 mg•100 g-1) and organic matter status (10.20%) of Jizhushan soils compared to other sites. However, the nutritive value of bamboo shoots from Baimahe forest reserve was higher than that of other sites – with the highest protein (32.40%) and total amino acid (18.94%) contents and the lowest tannin (1.71%) content. The Jizushan provenance of F. yunnanensis is thus suitable for popularization as a timber yielding type while the Baimahe provenance is appropriate as a vegetable bamboo.


Biomass production; Nutrition quality; Provenances.

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