Evaluation of some sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] cultivars and lines as sweet, dual purpose, and grain types

Abbas Almodares, Reza Taheri, Saiedeh Adeli


Nine cultivars and lines of sorghum of Iran were evaluated for sucrose content, grain yield, and yield components. Results show that cv Rio had the highest sucrose content (125.6 g kg–1 fresh stalk) and cv Turno, the lowest (28.8 g kg–1). IS 18154 (1085 g m–2) had the highest grain yield and cv Rio (541 g m–2), the lowest. Soave was intermediate in both sucrose content and yield; hence can be recommended either as grain or sweet sorghum type. Cv Turno, with low sucrose content, and yield is neither suitable as a sweet nor grain cultivar. Other sweet sorghum cultivars or lines that were evaluated in this study may be used for dual purposes.


Iran; sucrose content

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