Management of bacterial blight of anthurium (Anthurium andreanum Linden.) using ecofriendly materials

M.K. Dhanya, C.A. Mary


Four ecofriendly materials viz., turmeric powder impregnated in sodium bicarbonate (0.15%), neem oil (2%), Pseudomonas fluorescens (a proprietary product at 1.5%) and cow dung extract (7.5%) were compared with streptocycline (100µg ml-1) and Captan (0.3%) for their efficacy in controlling bacterial blight of anthurium. Five sprays (at weekly intervals) of both turmeric powder and streptocycline proved to be very effective and gave 100% control as against 97% for Pseudomonas, neem oil, and Captan; cow dung extract, however, was less effective (75%).


Captan; Neem oil; Streptocycline; Turmeric powder

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