Maintainers and restorers for CMS lines of rice

C.A. Rosamma, N.K. Vijayakumar


Seven cytoplasmic-genic male sterile (CMS) lines of rice having wild abortive (WA) cytoplasmic male sterility source and one having Oryza perennis CMS source were crossed with 34 entries to assess their maintainer/restorer behaviour. Most of the genotypes expressed differential fertility reactions when crossed with CMS lines having WA cytoplasm and all test entries produced sterile hybrids when crossed with CMS line having O. perennis source. Among the genotypes tested, ‘Annapoorna’, ‘Kanchana’, IR 36, ‘Mattatriveni’ and ‘Aiswarya’ are recognized as effective restorers for WA cytoplasmic male sterile lines. ‘Jyothy’ produced completely sterile hybrids with all CMS lines. ‘Aruna’, ‘Pavizham’ and Ptb 10 were maintainers for five CMS lines.


Heterosis; hybrid rice; pollen sterility; fertility restoration; wild abortive

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