Evaluation of growth parameters and yield attributes of marigold genotypes under humid tropical plains

P. Shilpa, U. Sreelatha, J. S. Minimol, Mini Sankar, A. Suma


The study was conducted at department of Floriculture & Landscape Architecture, College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, to evaluate 20 marigold genotypes with 12 testers (10 African marigold (Tagetes erecta) and 2 French marigold (Tagetes patula) genotypes) and 8 lines for the production of F1 hybrids, during 2019-20 and 2020-21. Pooled data analysis of vegetative parameters showed the superiority of tester genotype KAU-M 21 in terms of plant height (43.77 cm), plant spread (31.97 cm), number of primary branches (7.87) and stem girth (4.12 cm), while KAU-M 1 showed the superiority in total leaf area (47.27 cm2 ). Among the lines, KAU-M 42 showed good performance for all the vegetative parameters. Analytical study on floral characters highlighted that the testers, KAU-M 1 and KAU-M 40, produced larger flowers (6.3 cm and 5.80 cm diameter) having significantly more individual flower weight (9.70 g and 7.85 g) and ray floret weight (5.60 g and 3.50 g) respectively. French marigold genotypes KAUM 48 and KAU-M 47 showed earliest bud initiation (17.92 and 19.37 days) and earlier flower opening (35 and 37.75 days). KAU-M 46 produced maximum number of flowers per plant (103.37), while KAU-M 2, KAU-M 1, KAU-M 19 and KAU-M 40 recorded maximum yield that ranged from 215 to 243 g/plant. Among the lines, KAU-M 6 recorded highest number of flowers and yield per plant (92.32 and 228.99 g) followed by KAU-M 5, KAU-M 16 and KAU-M 42. Among the testers, shelf life of flowers differed significantly and majority of the genotypes recorded a shelf life ranging from 2.0 to 2.67 days. The total carotenoid content was significantly higher in KAU-M 47 and KAU-M 48 (4.85 and 2.26 mg/g respectively) among the testers, and KAU-M 18 and KAU-M 42 (2.01 mg/g and 1.49 mg/g respectively) among the lines. KAU-M 1 and KAU-M 5 recorded the highest lutein content (102.3 mg/g and 62.3 mg/g) among the testers and lines, respectively.

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