‘Deepthi’: A high yielding medium duration rice variety for the high ranges of Kerala

Susamma P. George, T.P. Manomohan Das, K.C. Aipe, C.M. George, K. Kumaran


‘Deepthi’, a pure line rice selection from ‘Edavaka’, was released in May 1998 for both kharif and rabi cultivation in the high ranges of Kerala (Wayanad and Idukki districts). It is a semi-tall, high-yielding, medium duration, red-kernelled variety with good cooking quality. The highest grain and straw yields recorded by this variety were 6875 and 7200 kg ha-1 respectively. The plant is green throughout with an average of 7.85 productive tillers per hill and having long exserted panicles. The mean panicle length is 21 cm with 112 grains per panicle. ‘Deepthi’ matures in 155 to 160 days, and has a milling outturn of 66% with head rice recovery of 60%.


‘Edavaka’; multilocational trial; pure line; semi-tall rice

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