Growth and yield parameters of Celosia argentea in a greenhouse

Growth and yield parameters of Celosia argentea in a greenhouse


  • Oluwafunmilayo Dorcas Adegbaju Medicinal Plants and Economic Development Research Centre, University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus 5700, South Africa.
  • Gloria Aderonke Otunola Medicinal Plants and Economic Development Research Centre, University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus 5700, South Africa.
  • Anthony Jide Afolayan Medicinal Plants and Economic Development Research Centre, University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus 5700, South Africa.


Growth parameters and yield components of Celosia argentea cultivated in a greenhouse were investigated in order to establish its availability at all times of the season in South Africa. Three harvest periods at preflowering (PRE), flowering (FLW) and post-flowering (PST) stages of growth were investigated. Growth parameters were measured two weeks after transplanting (WAT) from five randomly selected pots in each row. Two separate pot experiments were conducted between October 2017- January 2018 and March- May 2018 respectively. Results revealed that the first trial had the highest values for all the growth parameters evaluated except the number of flowers and branches. Reduction in the number of leaves was observed for both trials at 10 WAT, while the post-flowering stage of growth had the highest values for fresh and dry yield. The study revealed that high yield of C.argentea could be expected around 7-9 weeks after transplanting and that planting in the field is to be encouraged during summer or late spring for best farm management.

Author Biography

Gloria Aderonke Otunola, Medicinal Plants and Economic Development Research Centre, University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus 5700, South Africa.

Medicinal Plants and Economic Development (MPED) Research CentreBotany DepartmentUniversity of Fort Hare, Alice 5700South AfricaResearch Associate


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