Studies on fruit drop in mango varieties

R. Anila, T. Radha


Studies on fruit set and fruit drop were carried out in Kerala Agricultural University on six varieties of mango during 2000-2001. The season of flowering in majority of the varieties was during December–January months except in Neelum in which it was during April-May. The number of inflorescence per square metre ranged from 23.6 to 7.0 and was the maximum in Prior and minimum in Alphonso and Neelum. In the case of percentage of bisexual flowers Alphonso had the maximum (44.39%)bisexual flowers and Muvandan had the minimum. Variation in length, breadth, colour and density of inflorescence was noticed among the varieties. Initial fruit set ranged from 5.39 to 8.45 fruits per inflorescence. Drop occurred to the tune of 50% during the initial 15 days and continued for 45 days. Maximum drop was noted in Alphonso (89.93%) and the minimum in H-151 (79.6%).


Bisexual flowers; flowering; fruit drop; inflorescence; Mangifera indica L.

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