Effect of calcium salts application on soil properties of pokkali soils

P.V. Diya, A.K. Sreelatha


A field study was conducted in Thathapilli padasekharam (10º12’N, 76º26’ E) in Ernakulam district, during June 2017-April 2018 to study the effect of calcium salts application on soil properties of pokkali soils. The treatments comprised of absolute control (T1 ), application of calcium nitrate (T2 ), calcium chloride (T3 ), calcium sulphate (T4 ), rock phosphate (T5 ) and dolomite (T6 ) at the rate of 45, 30, 34, 27 and 25 kg per 100 m² respectively, so as to adjust the ratio of Na: Ca to 1: 5 on the exchange complex of the soils. Significant increment in the soil pH and microbial biomass carbon were noticed in all the treatments over control. Exchangeable Na, Al and available Fe contents in soil were reduced significantly by calcium salts application after the harvest of rice. Exchangeable Na content remained high in control after the harvest of prawn, whereas it was lower in calcium salt treatments except in the case of rock phosphate.


Calcium salts, Pokkali, Prawn, Rice, Soil properties

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