Evaluation of clones of banana Musa spp. ‘Rasthali’ (AAB group)

K. Dhanyasree, A. Sobhana, A. Suma, P. B. Pushpalatha


Seven Rasthali clones were evaluated at BRS, Kannara from May 2017 to July 2018 with the objective to characterize the various clones of Rasthali with respect to clonal characteristics, biometric characters, yield potential and fruit quality. Among the clones,Venneer Poovan recorded highest plant height (335.42cm), plant girth (60.18cm), highest total leaf area per plant (12.26m2) and higher crop duration (434.92 days). Highest bunch weight per plant, number of hands per bunch and number of fingers per hand were recorded in Venneer Poovan, Valiya Poovan and Marthaman. Maximum fruit weight was recorded in Valiya Poovan (92.60g). Quality parameters like TSS, total sugars and sugar - acid ratio were higher in Marthaman. Percentage of disease incidence was higher in Cheriya Poovan and lowest in Marthaman. Based on yield, quality parameters and disease resistance, Marthaman was found to be the best.

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