Low cost carrier material for mass production of Trichoderma inoculants

C.R. Rini, J. Ramya, G. Jayakumar, V.R. Shajan


A study was conducted to explore the possibility of solid state fermentation technique for mass production of Trichoderma viride using sterilized rice powder. Sterilized rice powder was supplemented with dextrose (3%) and the population reached 123x1015 cfu g-1 at 10th day and the inoculum could be stored upto 180 days with a population of 10x109 cfu g-1 under room temperature. The viability increased (28x1012 cfu g-1) when it was stored at refrigerated condition. The spore biomass produced could be either used directly for seed treatment, seed biopriming, soil/root treatment, wound dressing etc., or for formulation. Talc with along with 8% sterile water sustained the viability of 6x108 cfu g-1 at 180 days and could be a feasible method for large scale inoculum production of fungal biocontrol agents.

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