Seed invigoration- a technique for improving vigour and productivity of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) variety Thilak

S. Sreepriya, T. Girija


Experiments were conducted in the Department of Plant Physiology, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara to study the effect of seed priming on seedling vigour, growth and productivity of Sesame indicum L. var. Thilak. Seed priming treatments used were, water, Gibberellic acid (100ppmGA), Borax (0.1 %), Manganese sulphate (0.3 % MnSO4), and tank mixture of MnSO4 (0.3 %), Borax (0.1 %) and 100 ppm GA (TM). Seedling characters were evaluated in the laboratory, and thereafter sown in field along with unprimed seeds for comparison. The biochemical parameters, growth attributes and yield components were studied. All the priming treatments improved the seedling vigour and speed of germination in laboratory studies. GA recorded 12.68 per cent improvement in germination followed by Borax and MnSO4 over unprimed seeds. Field evaluation revealed that seed priming influenced the biochemical parameters viz., total chlorophyll content, total soluble protein content and nitrate reductase enzyme with maximum improvement in MnSO4 primed seeds. The per plant seed yield also increased from 2.53 g to 3.80 g in this treatment which contributed to 50 per cent improvement in yield per hectare over conventional unprimed seeds. TM, Borax and water priming recorded 45 %, 36 % and 33 % higher per hectare yield respectively.

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