Variability of paddy straw mushroom collections from southern Kerala

G. B. Brinda, Susha S. Thara


The occurrence of the underutilized as well as highly tasty paddy straw mushroom is reported to be more in Kerala. A survey was conducted to explore the native isolates of Volvariella sp. and to study their morphological as well as microscopic characters. Thirteen paddy straw mushroom collections were obtained from two districts of south Kerala. During the survey, habit, habitat, substrate, minimum and maximum temperature of the location, relative humidity and rainfall data were recorded and compared. Morphological and microscopical characteristics of the collections were studied in detail and identified up to species level. Volvariella volvacea predominated among the collections. The collections with superior morphological and microscopical characters in this study can be effectively utilized for cultivation purpose.


Paddy straw mushroom; Variability

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