Diffusion treatment of coconut palm wood using organic preservatives

V. J. Jeeshma, E. V. Anoop, T. K. Dhamodaran, K. Vidyasagaran, T. K. Kunhamu, S. Gopakumar


Sawn coconut palm wood of differing wood densities (high and medium) were treated with three organic preservatives, viz., neem oil, cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) and turpentine. The method adopted was diffusion treatment at various diffusion periods viz., 40, 80 and 120 minutes and absorption percentage of preservatives by sawn coconut wood samples (5 cm × 5 cm × 50 cm) was studied. Both high density wood (HDW) and medium density wood (MDW) samples of coconut palm showed no significant difference in absorption percentage with varying diffusion periods and no significant difference was observed between the chemicals and interaction between the chemicals and diffusion periods.


Coconut palm; wood preservation; organic preservatives

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