Hairy root induction in adapathiyan (Holostemma ada-kodien K. Schum.)

S.H. Karmarkar, R. Keshavachandran, P.A. Nazeem, D. Girija


Holostemma ada-kodien, commonly known as adapathiyan is a laticeferous climber belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae. The root tubers of the plant are useful to cure various ailments of eye and many other human diseases. Due to the indiscriminate collection of root tubers, the plant population in the natural habitats has declined drastically and consequently it has been listed out as vulnerable and rare in the FRLHT red list of medicinal plants. The present study reports the hairy root induction in Holostemma useful in conservation of the plant and also to explore possibilities for in vitro production of the active chemicals in Holostemma, which would be a good alternative to meet its ever-increasing demand. The procedure for induction of hairy roots is given in detail.


Adapathiyan, hairy roots, Holostemma, transformation

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