Combining ability in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus [L.] Moench)

B. Rajani, P. Manju, P. Manikantan Nair, P. Saraswathy


A study was conducted to estimate the combining ability of six genetically divergent parental strains of okra by diallel analysis with respect to yield and a few related attributes. The combining ability analysis by the Method I of Griffing's (1959) approach revealed that the parent NBPGR/TCR 861 was the best general combiner for single fruit weight and length and NBPGR/TCR 864 for yellow vein mosaic resistance. Among hybrids, NBPGR/TCR 893 x NBPGR/TCR 864 exhibited outstanding sea effect for yield while NBPGR/TCR 865 x NBPGR/TCR 438 and NBPGR/TCR 893 x NBPGR/TCR 861 were notable for single fruit weight, length and girth. The hybrid NBPGR/TCR 854 x NBPGR/TCR 865 showed maximum tolerance to YVM.


Abelmoschus esculentus, okra, combining ability

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