Gene effects of fruit yield and leaf curl virus resistance in interspecific crosses of chilli (Capsicum annuum L. and C. frutescens L.)

K. Anandhi, K.M. Abdul Khader


Generation mean analysis for leaf curl virus resistance and yield was performed in two interspecific crosses of chilli namely ‘Mavelikkara Local’ x ‘Jwalasakhi’ and ‘Nenmara Local’ x ‘Vellayani Athulya’. The additive (d) component was significant for all the traits studied. But wherever dominance gene effects were significant, the dominance (h) values were higher than the additive (d) values. Dominance (h) and dominance x dominance (l) effects were also in the same direction, suggesting complementary-type epistasis in most cases. The dominance x dominance (l) interaction was predominant. Significant levels of all types of gene actions (additive, dominance and epistasis) for yield and virus resistance indicate that methods like recurrent selection, multiple cross, or diallel selective mating system may be adopted in chilli improvement programmes.


Epistasis; Generation mean; Gene action

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