Effects of growing media on seedlings characteristics of patula pine (Pinus patula Schlecht. et Cham.) in Swaziland

Sita S. Kunene, Ekpo M. Ossom


Pinus patula Schlecht. et Cham. seedlings were grown in six growth media in Swaziland to assess the effects of growing media on seedling characteristics. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design with four replications and six treatments (pine bark compost; Super medium, a commercial nursery medium; pine sawdust; topsoil; cattle manure; and bagasse). Pine-bark compost (seedling height, 18.7 cm), Super medium (height, 18.6 cm), and topsoil (height, 13.4 cm) produced significantly (p < 0.05) taller seedlings than other growth media. Owing to their superior performance, pine bark compost and Super medium are recommended as growing medium in the pine nurseries of Swaziland.


Nursery media, Organic media, Pine-bark compost

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