Germination and seedling characters in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) as affected by eriophyid mite (Aceria guerreronis Keifer) infestation

S. Naseema Beevi, Priya Mohan, Ambily Paul, Biju Mathew


An experiment was conducted at Vellayani during 2002–‘03 to study the effects of eriophyid mite (Aceria guerreronis Keifer)infestation on germination and seedling characters of coconut. Infested nuts (five damage intensities) were sown in a nursery and their germination and seedling characters evaluated. Germinability of nuts per se was not substantially altered by the mite attack. However, collar girth and leaf area of the seedlings were significantly reduced. Although nuts with less than 25% surface damage had no adverse impact, those with more than 25% surface damage and distortion resulting from severe infestation impaired seedling vigour.


Beak emergence; collar girth; leaf area; seed nut

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