Price spread of coconut in the central region of Kerala

Santhosh Narayanan, C. Latha Bastine


To understand the nature of the marketing channels, marketing costs, margins, price spread and producer’s share in the consumers’ price of coconut, a study was conducted in central Kerala. Results indicate that about 51% of the respondents sold coconuts in the non-husked form. Furthermore, most farmers (86%) traded it on-farm, and only about 14% of the respondents sold it outside. The most common marketing channel identified was the ‘producer—copra maker—oil miller—wholesaler—consumer’. The concept of concurrent margin, employed to find out the marketing margin showed that the producer’s share in consumer’s rupee was only 60.58%, implying a high price spread. Value addition at the farm-level, however, may help the producers to secure a higher proportion of the final product price and reduce the price spread.


marketing channel; marketing margin

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