Water diffusion through pottery discs of varying porosity

M.P. Mathai, A. Simon


Pottery sheets of disparate diffusion rates were produced by altering the particle size distribution of sand (500 to 2000 m diameter) in the clay-sand mix and by mixing organic matter (sawdust) with clay in variable proportions (1 to 15% by weight). It was used for evaluating the nature of interrelationships between water diffusion rates and the fabrication parameters. Results show that water diffusion is more consistent for the organic matter-mixed pottery samples than the sand-mixed ones. Uniform porosities of organic matter-mixed pottery discs, as evidenced by optical micrographs, further exemplify that. Pots/pottery sheets produced through this process can thus be used for controlling water release in pitcher irrigation of tree saplings.


controlled release; diffusion; pitcher irrigation; pottery sheets

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